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Establishment of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration

Established in December 4, 2012, the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) is a regulatory body in charge of managing the petroleum sector in Lebanon. The principal objective of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration is to contribute to creating the greatest possible value for the economy and society resulting from the activities undertaken in the oil and gas industry while protecting the environment. This is performed through prudent resource management and thorough strategic, economic, technical, geological, environmental and financial plans, programmes and activities conducted in cooperation with other governmental bodies, international organizations, academia and civil society. The Ministry of Energy and Water announced the release of the first GeoPackage (Framework GeoPackage) that has been created to provide a high quality data set which can be utilised by all parties involved in the Management, Exploration and Development of hydrocarbons in Lebanon.


Three separate GeoPackages have been developed:

Framework GeoPackage The Framework GeoPackage may be accessed after first accepting the terms of the License Agreement. It provides a useful starting point and there is no license fee to utilise the Framework GeoPackage. The Framework GeoPackage contains basic geographic information, seismic navigation, seismic examples, well locations, well summary sheets, surface geology and cross sections.

Digital Atlas GeoPackage This version will be included with the bidding documents (bid package) for the first offshore Licensing Round and given only to prequalified companies on the opening of the first licensing round. It will contain details of the contract areas on offer and representative seismic images through them in addition to all the information contained within the Framework GeoPackage.

Enhanced Digital Atlas GeoPackage The Enhanced Digital Atlas version will be distributed through Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) upon the opening of the first Licensing Round offshore Lebanon. It could contain enhanced geo-scientific information including Grids of key horizons, Digital Well data, Field Sample analysis, Basin Modeling results as well as Gravity & Magnetics grids. The enhanced version will only be available to companies who have licensed a defined amount of seismic data. It will require the payment of a separate license fee and will be distributed under a PGS license agreement.


The Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) has put in place the petroleum activities regulations required to launch the first Lebanese offshore licensing round. The LPA opted to undertake a pre-qualification process for oil and gas companies that are interested in participating in the licensing round. The primary objective of the pre-qualification process is to ensure that highly qualified companies would be invited to participate in the first licensing round, and that subsequently they may be awarded exclusive petroleum rights.

Fifty two (52) companies from twenty five (25) countries submitted their pre-qualification applications. A thorough evaluation process was undertaken by the LPA to assess the applicants against a set of legal, financial, technical, and QHSE criteria. The process followed a transparent, participatory approach where applicants and the LPA communicated to clarify the pre-qualification criteria and process, as well as to ensure that all required information are submitted and validated.

As a result, twelve (12) applicants were pre-qualified as Right-Holders “Operators” and thirty four (34) as Right-Holders “Non-operators”. The number and profile of the pre-qualified companies show the vast international interest in investing in offshore Lebanon’s upstream oil and gas industry as a result of extensive datasets made available, prospectivity and transparency of the pre-qualification process.

Available documents for download:
Pre-qualification Application Package
Pre-qualification Results Presentation
Pre-qualified Companies Booklet

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