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Established in December 4, 2012, the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) is a regulatory body in charge of managing the petroleum sector in Lebanon. The principal objective of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration is to contribute to creating the greatest possible value for the economy and society resulting from the activities undertaken in the oil and gas industry while protecting the environment. This is performed through prudent resource management and thorough strategic, economic, technical, geological, environmental and financial plans, programmes and activities conducted in cooperation with other governmental bodies, international organizations, academia and civil society. The LPA exerts all the necessary efforts to ensure a successful, transparent and sustainable development process in all stages of petroleum activities, prompting continuous interest into Lebanon’s hydrocarbon potential.

The Petroleum Administration is responsible to:
The Petroleum Administration consists of Six (6) technical departments, namely:
  1. Strategic Planning Department
  2. Technical and Engineering Department
  3. Geology and Geophysics Department
  4. Legal Affairs Department
  5. Economic and Financial Department
  6. Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Department
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