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10 March 2016

As part of the participatory approach that the LPA is continuously adopting with stakeholders, the LPA took active participation in the oil and gas conference entitled “How to Ensure Good Governance in the Upcoming Bidding and Legislation Phase?”, which was held at Sagesse University on March 10, 2016. The purpose of this conference was to raise awareness on the governance structure of the prospective oil and gas sector in Lebanon, and to tap into existing and future measures to protect the petroleum sector from corruption risks during the bidding and licensing phases in order to efficiently transform resources into a sustainable wealth so to benefit present and future generations.

In this context, Mr. Walid Nasr, Head of the Strategic Planning Department at the LPA presented the institutional framework addressing the governance structure of Lebanon’s prospective oil and gas sector. Additionally, Nasr presented the legislative framework put in place and the measures adopted to safeguard against risks of corruption along the value chain of petroleum activities namely during the pre-qualification round and the bidding phase. Furthermore, Nasr tackled the transparency measures stipulated in the Offshore Petroleum Resources Law (OPRL), Petroleum Activities Regulations (PAR) and the Exploration and Production Agreement (EPA) that aim to prevent corruption risks in subcontracting and procurement, and to ensure best practices throughout the development of the sector.

Other panelists included Ms. Laury Haytayan, MENA Senior Officer at the Natural Resource Governance Institute who addressed the role of civil society in supervising and ensuring transparency and good governance in upcoming bids; MP Joseph Maalouf who touched on the legislator’s role to ensure good governance; Prof. Rock-Antoine Mehanna who presented the conditions under which the oil and gas sector in Lebanon could be a blessing or a curse, and finally, Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi who advocated for good governance in the prospective oil and gas sector.Click here to watch the video

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