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The Government of Lebanon has launched the first licensing round for offshore oil and gas exploration and production in the Lebanese waters. In preparation for this and future rounds, the Government of Lebanon carried out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in 2012 to determine priority environmental policies that are needed based on the requirements of Law 132/2010 (Offshore Petroleum Resources Law).

The SEA identified a number of recommendations to form an action plan for the next phases of work. The main recommendations of the action plan created the foundation for the first component of the Sustainable Oil and Gas Development in Lebanon “SODEL” project.

Through its first component, SODEL will support the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) in developing and implementing the action plan, and in improving governance of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) aspects in the emerging oil and gas sector.

Furthermore, in its second component, the SODEL project will take an in-depth look at the current fuel mix of the transport, private electricity generation and industrial sectors. Possible uses of all existing alternative fuels in the targeted sectors will be explored, in order to develop a national strategy together with its relevant policies that would reduce Lebanon’s fuel bill while safeguarding the environment.

Ultimately, the goal of SODEL is to promote the consideration of environmental and social aspects in the upstream and downstream petroleum sectors.


SODEL COMPONENT 1: “Support to Health Safety & Environment in the Oil and Gas Sector in Lebanon”

The Lebanese Petroleum Administration has a clear strategy for the governance of Health, Safety and Environment in the upstream oil and gas sector. However, work is still needed to be undertaken to better prepare the grounds for its implementation to ensure that any potential negative impacts of this sector are mitigated and that the environment and people are protected to the maximum extent possible.
Accordingly, the main outputs of this component would cover:

SODEL COMPONENT 2: “Enabling environment for the use of alternative fuels in the energy and transport sectors”

The SODEL project will undertake technical studies that would set policy recommendations for uses of the potential natural gas resources and low carbon fuels in Lebanon. Particular focus will be on the use of alternative fuels for private electricity generation and in the industrial and transport sectors. A policy paper based on feasibility assessments to be undertaken by the SODEL Project will be prepared to maximize economic benefit to Lebanon while safeguarding the environment.
Accordingly, the main outputs of this component would cover:


Project Name: Sustainable Oil and Gas Development in Lebanon “SODEL”
Funding: Ministry of Energy & Water and UNDP
Duration: 3 years (starting May 2014)
Budget: USD 2.2M
Executing Agency: MoEW- LPA
Implementing Agency: UNDP


Rola A. Sheikh
SODEL Project Manager

Assem Abou Ibrahim
Board Member - Head of QHSE Department
Lebanese Petroleum Administration

Michel Ange Medlej
Advisor to the Minister
Ministry of Energy and Water

Jihan Seoud
Portfolio Manager
UNDP - Energy and Environment Program

Tel/Fax: +961 1 998 780
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