Physical Data Room


A dedicated data room is available (at the Ministry of Energy and Water offices in Lebanon) for visitors to view all available technical data including seismic data. The dataroom contains technical reports, published papers, presentations, a dedicated GIS workstation and a dedicated seismic workstation. In addition, the seismic data may also be viewed at TGS or PGS offices in the UK or Norway (other locations may be possible by special arrangement).

Request to visit the data room can be made via email to

Visitors must satisfy the following requirements to visit the data room:

Data Room Rules - signed by attendees to data room Maximum of 4 attendees per Company.

Click here to download a presentation detailing all the available dataset at the data room.

Virtual Data Room


The LPA has established a Virtual Data Room (VDR) that will be used as an online tool to showcase Lebanon’s oil and gas datasets.

The VDR provides a functionally-rich and secure environment for authorized users to view Lebanon’s oil and gas dataset from anywhere in the world through a web browser – enabling broader, 24/7 access to the IOCs interested in Lebanon’s second licensing round.

The VDR contains 3,200 km of 2D seismic surveys (actual Seg-y data including horizons) along with an integrated seismic interpretation tool, technical documents and presentations.

IOCs interested in exploring the above mentioned dataset, are kindly requested to download the VDR access form in order to obtain the authorization to access the Virtual Data Room.

Moreover, the LPA has put in place a Data Room in Beirut - Lebanon to showcase additional Geophysical datasets.

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