The deadline for the submission of the Licensing Round Applications was initially set to 31 January 2020. The deadline was later postponed to 30 April 2020 inclusive based on the Minister's decision no. 10 d/m dated 13 January 2020. 

Once the Applications are received, the LPA will evaluate the Prequalification Applications.

The results of this evaluation will then be declared by the Minister of Energy and Water before proceeding with the evaluation of EPA Applications as follows:

  • Prequalified Companies
  • Applicants prequalified to have their EPA Applications evaluated (These Applicants do not include any individual company that fails to meet all applicable pre-qualification criteria as defined in the updated Tender Protocol (TP)).

For prequalified Applicants, the LPA will evaluate their EPA Applications and prepare evaluation reports to the Minister of Energy and Water.

The Minister of Energy and Water, assisted by the LPA, will conduct negotiations as stipulated in the updated TP and submit the results of the negotiations to the Council of Ministers.

The Council of Ministers will take the appropriate decision regarding the awards of Exploration and Production Agreements.

Tentative High-level Timeline of the Second Offshore Licensing Round

The indicative detailed timetable of the required submissions as described in the updated TP is as follows:

event duration from closing date
Tentative deadline for requesting the Minister's approval of the jurisdiction of residence of an Authorized Representative outside of Lebanon One (1) month before
Deadline for submission to the Petroleum Administration of proposed alternative forms of Bid Bonds (as defined below) for approval by the Minister Three (3) weeks before
Deadline for submission of questions and requests for clarification on the Licensing Round, including any preliminary evaluation requests concerning pre-qualification Two (2) weeks before
Final disclosure of clarifications and supplementary information by the Petroleum Administration Ten (10) days before
Deadline for payment of the Retrieval Fee Seven (7) days before
Deadline for submission of licensing Round Applications

Deadline for payment of the 3D seismic data license purchase price
On the Closing Date
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