Bidding Process

  1. Registration of Interest: Oil and Gas Companies interested in participating in the Second Offshore Licensing Round (SOLR) are invited to register via email ( to obtain a username and password which will allow them access to the LPA Company Portal and LPA Virtual Data Room.
  2. Payment of Retrieval Fee: In order to participate in the SOLR, Companies are required to pay a Retrieval Fee of US$50,000 (fifty thousand United States dollars) per block applied for as specified in the updated Tender Protocol (TP). Payment of each Retrieval Fee will result in the issuance of a unique application number (supplied by the LPA and must be used by the Applicant throughout the bid submission) and will provide access to the technical data described in Schedule B of Exhibit 2 of the updated TP (the Digital Atlas Geopackage). The retrieval fee form can be downloaded through the Company Portal.
  3. Preparing and Submitting the Licensing Round Applications: By the Closing Date of the Round, Individual Companies wanting to participate in the Licensing Round must join together in consortiums of at least three Individual Companies (each such consortium, an “Applicant”). The Authorized Representative of each Applicant shall submit to the LPA:
    1. A sealed envelope containing copies of the Power of Attorney (POA) and documentation evidencing the identity of Authorized Representative (Separately from the Licensing Round Application)
    2. The Licensing Round Application in a package sealed with wax addressed to the Minister of Energy and Water which includes:
      1. Pre-Qualification Application: sealed Package (Part of the Licensing Round Application)
      2. EPA Application: sealed Package (Part of the Licensing Round Application)

    Individual Companies may submit to the LPA questions and requests for clarification regarding the SOLR, including the pre-qualification requirements generally or as applied to the particular circumstances of the Individual Company. All such questions and requests may be submitted to the LPA by e-mail to up until two (2) weeks prior to the Closing Date.

    Individual Companies may also request a preliminary evaluation of whether the Individual Company satisfies one or more of the pre-qualification requirements. Individual companies requesting a preliminary evaluation will be answered individually on a confidential basis. Any preliminary evaluation provided by the LPA shall be considered non-binding, and shall be without prejudice to the right of the LPA to reach a contrary determination at any time.

    The content of the Licensing Round Application and the process for participating in the SOLR are described further in the SOLR Guidelines.

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