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European Union Partnership – Protection and Sustainable Development of Maritime Resourcesin Lebanon Pro Mare


The EU-funded programme is a thirty-month technical assistance to support the Government of Lebanon’s preparations of exploiting and producing offshore oil and gas resources, while safeguarding the environment including the preservation of environmental and marine biodiversity. More specifically, the programme supports the LPA, the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Ministry of Environment through consultancy based activities on the following components:

1. Organizational and functional capabilities 
Through a pragmatic approach, the project strategically reviews the LPA’s organizational, functional, and technical capabilities and processes within the LPA. The project also provides recommendation as to the improvement of existing capabilities where required.

2. Strategic, policy and economic capabilities
The project supports the development of relevant policies, strategies, analytical studies and tools such as the development of an upstream oil and gas strategy, specific guidelines and procedures, preparation of technical studies in relation to HSE and local content to name a few. The project also provides recommendations addressing equity participation and revenue management.

3. Governance, transparency and accountability enhancement
The project aims to build on existing transparency, disclosure and accountability provisions in place to further elaborate an environment conducive to constructive and informed national dialogue, inclusive partnerships, long term investments and access to information for the benefit of current and future generations. 

Programme Details

Name: Technical assistance to support the Government of Lebanon’s Preparation of Exploiting and Producing Offshore Oil and Gas Resources
Duration: Three years (after six-month extension) from October 2016 to September 2019
Funding: European Union
Budget: 2 million Euros

Programme Counterparts

Project beneficiary: LPA
Contracting Authority: European Union Delegation in Lebanon
Contractor: GFA Consulting Group

Main Achievements

The EU-funded project delivered the following outputs:

  • Assisted the LPA in the review and development of a communication plan.
  • Provided a review for the establishment of a supply base to serve the activities of the right holders in the Lebanese waters.
  • Assisted the LPA and the Ministry of Environment in the development of a sector specific environmental strategic options paper for waste and chemical management.
  • Updated the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and conducted consultative sessions across the Lebanese territory.
  • Provided assistance on the monitoring and supervision of IOC activities.
  • Provided an overview on State Participation options.
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