• 15 June 2022: Closing date for the Second Offshore Licensing Round

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  • The Ministry of Energy and Water warned of a fake website in its name that calls on citizens to download applications to fill out job opportunities at the LPA

    The Ministry of Energy and Water issued a statement in which it pointed out that “there is a fake site on the Internet in the name of the Ministry which claims to be the official website of the Ministry and invites citizens to download applications to fill out job opportunities at the Lebanese Petroleum Administration”. The Ministry of Energy and Water calls upon citizens “not to download any personal files on the fake website so to preserve privacy of information”.  The official website of the Ministry of Energy and Water is the following: 

  • Amendment of the TP to allow online applications submissions

    On the 13th of May 2020 the Council of Ministers approved a draft decree aimed at amending some articles of the Tender Protocol (Annex 1) of Decree No. 4918 dated 31/5/2019  (Amendment of some of the articles and annexes of Decree No. 43 dated 1/1/2017; Tender Protocol related to the offshore licensing round, and the Model Exploration and Production Agreement) and the adoption of the procedures compatible with this amendment. 

    This amendment allows applicants to submit the applications of the second offshore licensing round online according to the technical procedures specified in the Tender Protocol. 


    Click here to download Decree No. 6437 dated 5/6/2020 in relation with the above mentioned amendment.  

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Exploration and Production Activities Offshore Lebanon

    A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Exploration and Production Activities Offshore Lebanon was undertaken in compliance with the requirements of Law 132/2010 (Offshore Petroleum Resources Law) and the Decree 8213/2012 (Strategic Environmental Assessment). This SEA succeeds the first Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) undertaken in 2012. 

    The SEA strategically assesses the social, environmental and economic impacts, both positive and negative, potentially related to the offshore oil and gas activities, and more importantly, provides a comprehensive management framework for the mitigation of these impacts and the monitoring of performance against a holistic set of indicators based on the SDGs. Recommendations of this study provide further guidance for the development of the oil and gas sector, mainly from an environmental point of view addressing data collection, block opening, mainstreaming of impact assessments, development options and environmental management. 

    The SEA clarifies the environmental and social context for offshore oil and gas and aims to reduce risks and liabilities and enhance competition and visibility for International Oil Companies (IOCs). On the other hand, it defines responsibilities on the various relevant government entities besides the International Oil Companies to ensure an integrative approach to implementation. 

    This SEA was conducted by the Lebanese Petroleum Administration and the Ministry of Energy and Water under the framework of the European Union (EU) financed PROMARE Technical Assistance Project (“Technical assistance to support the Government of Lebanon's preparation of exploiting and producing offshore oil and gas resources“).


    1- Cover page

    2- Non Technical Summary - English

    3- Non Technical Summary - Arabic

    4- SEA E&P Lebanon Volume 1  SEA Report

    5 - SEA E&P Lebanon Volume  2  Baseline Conditions

    6 - SEA E&P Lebanon Volume  3 Legal

    7 - SEA E&P Lebanon Volume  4 Stakeholder Engagement

    8- MOE Approval Letter

  • List of Exempted Goods

    The Lebanese Petroleum Administration publishes the list of goods allocated for petroleum activities and exempted from custom duties and value added tax (VAT) together with the required procedures to grant exemption

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