1993 - 2D Seismic Survey Acquired by Geco-Prakla

The Geco-Prakla seismic dataset includes 2D seismic surveys covering 508 km off-Tripoli registered in outdated magnetic tapes which require particular equipment to become readable.

In cooperation with the Oil for Development programme (OfD), the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA), launched a project with Iron Mountain (Norway) to retrieve the raw data from 194 tapes and associated cartridges.

The raw data from the magnetic tape is now available and will be subject to modern reprocessing techniques that will provide vital insight into the geology of that area, especially that there has been scare 2D and no 3D seismic acquisition there.

The retrieved data, after reprocessing, will stimulate interest offshore Lebanon and will allow for a more complete understanding of the petroleum system. Additionally, the retrieved data can be used to possibly linking the offshore geology to the onshore.

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