2012 - Seismic Interpretation and Characterization of 3D Survey Offshore Lebanon (Northern Survey) - 2012

In late-2012, the geology and geophysics department performed an interpretation of the 3D seismic survey acquired in 2007 totaling 660 km2.

The objective of the study was to assess the hydrocarbon prospectivity offshore northern Lebanon by interpreting and characterizing the 3D seismic northern survey. The northern survey is located on a major tectonic boundary between the Levant basin subducting to the north below the Cyprus arc and therefore the geologic framework is different to other zones offshore Lebanon.

A reservoir characterization was performed at this location that incorporates all the characteristics of the reservoir with respect to its ability to store hydrocarbons and also produce them. For the seismic reservoir characterization purpose, a pre-stack inversion was realized. The results, used for reducing interpretation uncertainties, confirm the presence of gas and improve the net-to-gross estimate of the potential reservoirs. The key result of the study, based on the 3D survey interpretation, is the definition of 25 prospects grouped into 7 structures, because the individual prospects are superimposed vertically, which increase the attractiveness of the area.

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