2004 - The Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Offshore Lebanon - 2004

A geological and geophysical study was performed in 2004 to determine the hydrocarbon potential offshore Lebanon.

The main scope of the study was a seismic interpretation using 2D seismic acquired data.

Geoscientific elements were identified including potential source intervals postulated from regionally defined fairways accompanied with maturity modeling indicating favorable timing of generation and expulsion of hydrocarbons, speculative petroleum systems based on source rock and play type recognition, play/trap combinations as well as the types of hydrocarbons.

Deterministic and probabilistic volumetrics were conducted on mapped prospects and analysis of the geologic risks was performed. A total of 210 prospects and leads are identified from the horizon depth maps. An unrisked mean in-place reserves potential was calculated for eighty seven prospects exceeding 25 km2 in areal extent.

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