In order to support safe and timely execution of petroleum activities, the consortium represented by the Right Holder Operator Total E&P Liban s.a.l. conducted a competitive call for several tenders in compliance with Article 157 of the PAR and Article 27 of the EPA. These tenders are related to the mobilization of a drilling contractor, the provision of a logistics base and associated services, helicopter services, and drilling fluids to name a few.

Award of the Drilling Contractor

In order to ensure that drilling activities are scheduled on time while meeting the technical specifications, the Right Holder Operator Total E&P Liban launched a tender in May 2019 to mobilise a drillship.
The Operator has performed an environmental, contractual, technical and commercial assessment of several offers, leading to the selection of a preferred bidder to whom the drill ship was awarded in August 2019.
The award went to the Vantage Drilling Africa, and the drillship that is mobilized to drill the first offshore well in block 4 is Tungsten Explorer.
According to the drilling contract and as per article 27.2 of the EPA, such a contract is considered a major one and therefore required the Minister of Energy and Water’s approval, which was granted in September 2019.

Award of the Logistics Base

A logistics base (supply base) is needed to receive, prepare, store and ship equipment from the base to the Drilling Vessel (Tungsten Explorer) operating in Block 4 offshore Lebanon. The supply base is located at the Port of Beirut.
The contract was awarded in September 2019 to the Lebanese Company Fast Bollore Logistics and the contractor obtained the required authorization to operate from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

Award of Helicopter Services

Helicopter services are needed to undertake the following activities:

  • To transport workforce including crew change from Beirut Airport to the drillship operating in Block 4.
  • To undertake Medical Evacuation (Medevac) in case of emergencies. And for other needed aerial duties such as equipment transfer. 

As a result, a contract for the provision of helicopter services was awarded in September 2019 to Heli Union, which obtained the required authorizations to operate from the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation.

Award of Drilling and Cement Services

The consortium represented by the Right Holder Operator Total E&P Liban s.a.l., conducted a competitive call for tender for the provision of drilling fluids and cement services in Lebanon. The storage, supply, and use of such fluids is essential and critical for the drilling activities.
Baker Hughes was awarded the contract in October 2019 and is responsible for mobilizing the workforce and equipment needed for the liquid mud plant.
Schlumberger was awarded the contract of the provision of cement services in October 2019 to mobilize, procure, and install the Cement Bulk Plant.

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