Block Delineation

Decree number 42 dated 19 January 2017 delineates the division of Lebanese maritime waters into blocks. The decree 6433/2011 defines the Lebanese maritime waters as comprising regional waters and the Exclusive Economic Zone (22,700 km2).

The maritime waters are divided into ten blocks, which will be open for bidding in a gradual manner throughout the licensing rounds that the Lebanese State will put in place.

Additionally, the decree accounts for a buffer zone where petroleum activities are not allowed unless the Council of Ministers issues a decree to permit otherwise. The buffer zone extends along the borders of the Lebanese coast from the far north till the far south for a distance of 3 nautical miles of the territorial waters.

10 Blocks have been defined within the Lebanon EEZ. The block coordinates are presented in GIS format and the positional information for the Blocks is supplied in geographical coordinates WGS84. All points referred to are in WGS84 and are joined consecutively by geodesics.

Point Numbering:

  • Points 1 to 25 are taken from the Decree Law used to define the Marine International Boundary.
  • A, B, C refer to the additional points used to define the individual blocks.

The technical database has been consolidated in World Geodetic System of 1984 (WGS84) using Longitude and Latitude in Degrees Minutes Seconds as per the Decree Law. The coordinates are also provided in this download in coordinate system UTM Zone 36 North.

Click here to download the blocks delineation decree.

First Licensing Round

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