Bidding Process

event deadline
Submission to the Petroleum Administration of proposed alternative forms of Bid Bonds for approval by the Minister of Energy and Water September 22, 2017
Final publication of clarifications and supplementary information by the Petroleum Administration September 29, 2017
Latest Value Date of the transfer of payment of the Retrieval Fee to the Public Treasury Account – Ministry of Finance at the Central Bank of Lebanon October 5, 2017
Payment of the 3D seismic data license purchase price and other geophysical surveys October 12, 2017
Submission of Applications and Bid Bonds October 12, 2017
Publishing the list of applicants per block October 16, 2017

Retrieval Fee Form

Pursuant to article 6.3.1 of the Tender Protocol (payment of the retrieval fee) which stipulates that the payment of the retrieval fee shall be made to the treasury account, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lebanon. The pre-qualified companies that are willing to pay the retrieval fee can download the relevant form and the Minister’s related decision on the below links.

Click here to download the retrieval fee form
Click here to download the Minister decision regarding the proof of payment of the retrieval fee

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