The Lebanese Petroleum Administration has been publishing on its website since 2013 all information, legal texts, technical and financial documents related to its work as a public institution of a private nature, and also related to petroleum activities.

Since Law no. 84/2018 has considered publication as a mandatory tool to inform the public through the website of the Administration, and depending on the will of the publisher, informing the public though the Official Gazette and/or any other available mean, all texts and procedures required to be currently published under this law used to be previously published in the Official Gazette and on the LPA website prior to the issuance of this law.

These publications are divided into two categories: the LPA's Publications and the Petroleum Sector Publications.

As for disclosure required by the Law no. 84/2018, it is possible to access all LPA disclosed information before and after the issuance of this law through the sections of this website related to disclosure for each subject apart.

In 2020, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers has issued the Circular no. 18 dated 12/05/2020 and related to the publication of names of public servants who have declared their movable and immovable assets on the official websites of each administration, based on the Access to Information Law (no. 28/2018),

Asset Declarations

The Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) is publishing the names of the acting Chairman and acting Board Members of the LPA who have declared, in their capacity of undertaking a public service, the movable and immovable assets owned by them and by their spouses and minor children in 2013, within the legal deadline stipulated in article 2.2 of the Decree no. 7968/2012 that states the following: “In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 154 dated 27/12/1999 (Law on illicit enrichment), the statement shall be submitted in sealed and signed confidential envelope, deposited in the Ministry of Energy and Water”.
Therefore, the Chairman and Board Members of the LPA who have declared their movable and immovable assets are:

- Assem Abou Ibrahim
- Nasser Hoteit
- Gaby Daaboul
- Wissam Zahabi
- Wissam Chbat
- Walid Nasr


LPA Publications

The LPA publishes on its website and in accordance with Article 24.3 of Decree 7968/2012 the content of reports that include a table of the LPA’s accounts for the past period of the fiscal year, a table of the LPA’s expenditures during the current semester, the annual financial report which copies are sent to both the Ministry of Finance and the Court of Audit through the Minister of Energy and Water. In addition, the LPA publishes a table of contracts signed with international and local consultants to provide technical services to the LPA in accordance with the calls for proposals or pursuant to the provisions of Article 150 of the Public Accounting Law, indicating the technical services that are the subject of the contract and the value of the contract.

Annual financial reports and list of contracts related to the provision of technical services signed with international consultants

Financial Report 2013
Financial Report 2014
Financial Report 2015
Financial Report 2016
Financial Report 2017
Financial Report 2018
Technical Services Contracts

Petroleum Sector Publications

The Law Enhancing Transparency in the Petroleum Sector (Law no. 84/2018) has stipulated that the LPA website and the Official Gazette are used for publishing all the information required to be published pursuant to this law. The LPA also publishes on its website the information and documents required to be published pursuant to Access to Information Law (Law no. 28/2017).

  • Phase: Prequalification

    Requirements of Publication Actual Publication
    • Standards and requirements adopted for pre-qualification when inviting the petroleum companies to register in the pre-qualification round, through or upon the announcement of the invitation.
    • The list of the petroleum companies applying for pre-qualification after the closing date of the pre-qualification applications.
    • The questions and requests for clarifications submitted by the companies applying for pre-qualification respectively with the responses and answers, without mentioning the names of companies requesting clarifications..
    • The results of the pre-qualification round to the companies applying for pre-qualification.
    • First Licensing Round:
      - Live broadcasted press conference of the Minister 
      - Decree no. 43/2017 (Tender Protocol – Annex no. 3) , 
      - Decree no. 1137/2017 amending Annex 3 (List of Pre-qualified Companies) of the Tender Protocol for the Award of Petroleum Rights issued by the Decree no. 43 dated 19/01/2017 (Tender Protocol to participate in licensing rounds and The Model Exploration and Production Agreement).

  • Phase: Awarding Petroleum Rights

    Requirements of Publication Requirements of Disclosure
    • The requirements needed for the invitations to register in the licensing rounds, and the tender protocols related to these rounds.
    • First Licensing Round:
      - Decree no. 43/2017 (Tender Protocol to participate in licensing rounds).
    • Second Licensing Round:
      - Decree no. 4918/2019 amending some articles and two annexes of the Decree no. 43 dated 19/01/2017 (Tender Protocol For the Pre-Qualification of Applicants and the Award of Exploration and Production Agreements and the Model Exploration and Production Agreement) published in the Official Gazette and on the LPA website. 
    • The blocks subject of the bid, and the list of applicants for the bid.
    •  The numbers of blocks that were opened, the list of all the applicants for the bidding and the names of companies that won the bidding to carry out activities of exploration and production.
    •  First Licensing Round:
      - Press conference for the Minister and the LPA
      - Information published on the LPA website and a workshop with the media to explain the evaluation process.
    • The standards required to grant Licenses, on which the subcontracting will be based.
    • First Licensing Round:
      - The Model Exploration and Production Agreement published before awarding a petroleum right: Decree no. 43/2017 (Model Exploration and Production Agreement).
    • Second Licensing Round:
      - The Model Exploration and Production Agreement published before the award of petroleum right: Decree no. 43/2017 (Model EPA) and Decree no. 4918/2019 published in the Official Gazette and on the LPA website.
    • The final results of the bid rounds
    • First Licensing Round:

  • Phase: Exploration and Production Activities

    Requirements of Publication Requirements of Disclosure
    • Information related to the appointment and the replacement of the Operator

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